Four Ways That Christian Schools Teach Kids To Treasure Their Faith

Christian parents strive to raise their children in God-honoring ways. Unfortunately, the secular world can have its own influence on kids, and it's common for kids to leave the church as they mature into adulthood. Luckily, there are things parents can do to combat this effect. For instance, kids who go to Christian private schools have advantages that other children may not. These are four things that Christian private schools can do to help students treasure their faith while they learn and grow.

1. Teach important Bible verses to kids

The Bible provides guidance that allows Christians to avoid sin and live in a way that pleases God. Memorizing Bible verses can help Christians avoid temptation. Christian schools offer religious education classes that can teach important Bible verses to kids from a young age.

2. Encourage kids to sing Christian songs

Early childhood is a time when kids are growing rapidly and making important connections about the world around them. Young kids learn best through play, storytime, and songs. At a Christian school, kids will be taught Christian songs that encourage good values, such as obedience, faithfulness, and righteousness. These songs are fun for kids to sing together, and they will stay with kids as they grow. As kids get older, they will have the opportunity to sing hymns and other beautiful songs of the Christian faith during chapel services.

3. Pray with children in the classroom

Prayer is an important part of Christian life. Christians should call upon God in times of worry and times of joy. Christian schools can instill prayer as an important value in kids. Kids will have the opportunity to pray in the classroom, both silently and as a group. Kids will also learn how to pray, which can give them confidence when talking to God.

4. Encourage kids to get involved with charity and volunteer work

The Bible calls Christians to tithe, and Christian schools can encourage kids to tithe a portion of their allowance by giving to charity. Even if kids don't have money, they can still volunteer their time. Many Christian schools place an emphasis on servant leadership. Kids will be encouraged to get involved with worthy causes in their communities. Helping to feed the homeless, support mothers and children, and evangelize to others can encourage kids to develop a heart after Christ's own. Many Christian schools offer opportunities for kids to volunteer and give to charity as a student body.